[Recorded Webinar] Meet Maestro, Our Centralized Marketing Management Platform

Watch our VP of Marketing, Katie Staveley, as she gives a tour of Maestro, our centralized marketing management solution, marketer to marketer.

To most growing companies, scaling looks like adding new brands, business units, or regional offices. The marketing needs that accompany this growth are enormous and complex. New teams need emails, target segments, forms, landing pages, nurture campaigns, reports, and more – and they need all of those things up and running quickly.

Companies need to scale marketing at the same pace – or faster – to prepare for these opportunities. And yet, the reality at most companies is that scaling marketing means adding more manual tasks and hours to the workday. This isn’t efficient or strategic.

Maestro is here to fix all that. Watch and learn how:

  • Maestro empowers each of your business units or brands with a separate marketing automation instance
  • Maestro gives you complete control and visibility over every instance
  • Maestro enables seamless, efficient delivery of your most valuable campaign elements across multiple teams

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