[On-Demand Webinar] Measure Twice, Cut Once: Set Your Campaigns Up For Success By Starting At The End

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What’s the goal? It’s such a simple question, yet it’s amazing how often marketers are willing to begin planning a campaign without answering it. Everyone loves blue-sky brainstorming, but the most successful marketers know that every step of the campaign process – from ideation to execution to reporting and optimization – all of it becomes so much easier when you start at the other end.

In this webinar, Katie Staveley, Mautic's VP of Marketing, will show you how to master the art of reverse engineering. 

This session will help marketers: 

  • Establish shared numbers and language with their sales leads
  • Run the math to understand conversion rates in their funnel
  • Work backward to build a successful campaign model
  • Assemble a stack that supports their needs and plans